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Projects - Samples of a variety of projects that we have completed.  Personalized items are great choices for gifts.  You might get some ideas from these projects.

Font choices (Samples of some of our most popular font styles)

Embroidery Designs -  The following web sites are designer from which I purchase many of my digitized designs.  Any of the designs can be created using any colors and sizes of your choice.  The designs can be combined with text to personalize your embroidery.

Planning your Project and Placing your Order

If you would like to download an Embroidery Order Form, click on the following link.  The form will open up as a Word Document for you to print out or email to me as an attachment.  You can then plan what you would like on your project in order to help us complete your project as you would like it to be.



Last Updated  - Saturday, February 02, 2008 08:35 PM