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About Us

Robert (Buddy) Fields

Our business, BillyGoat Sports and Crafts began about 30 years ago when Buddy was teaching Industrial Arts at Madison County High School.  He was teaching screen printing and began to do projects for ball teams in our local area.  As people in the community learned that he could screen print shirts and caps, the business grew.

The name "BillyGoat" came about quiet by accident.  It was the late 70's and everyone used CB radios for communicating  quiet like we use cell phones today.  We each had CB radios and would call each other as we were coming in from work each day.  One of our good friends, David Whitehead, who taught Agriculture classes with Buddy at Madison County High School, passed by our house one day and saw the neighbors goats in our front pasture.  He started calling Buddy "BillyGoat" and that became his CB handle.  He became known on the CB as "BillyGoat" and it became a "catchy" name. 

Shortly thereafter, we were filling out our papers to apply for a business license and had to come up with a business name.  We became BillyGoat Sports & Crafts.   Through the years, we have been able to do more than just screen printing.  After we retired from education, we added custom embroidery, custom imprinting, and the candle products. 

As educators, we were both involved with technology.  Marie has taught computers since 1981--everything from programming, all the Microsoft office suites, as well as multimedia and web design.  Buddy was Technology Coordinator for the Oglethorpe County School System where he worked on computers and networks.  We have incorporated our technical knowledge into our business.  We use computers in all aspects of our designs, so it is easy to customize designs for our customers.  You can see some of our work on the different pages of our website.

Marie Fields

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